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Small Business Saturday celebrates its 5th European birthday

Small Business Saturday celebrates its 5th European birthday this year and is a great example of the support for those at the bottom of the chain, coming after two big shopping days – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – that traditionally favour larger retailers.

With less money to spend and often without an offline store to leverage, independent retailers need to offer something special to encourage customers to stop by and support them – particularly online. The emergence of technology like Shopify provides helpful platforms to flourish despite the odds.

For fashion retailers though, regardless of company size, the problem of online returns remains the huge headache – one that is potentially crippling for smaller businesses. In fact, it’s estimated returns cost online retailers £20 billion every year. As a global fit recommendation specialist, we believe that solving the issue of size and fit online enables retailers to unlock step-changes in eCommerce value, on a global scale.

And we think independent retails deserve our support. That’s why we’ve partnered with Eastside Co., a leading digital agency offering bespoke web and app development for retailers using the Shopify platform. The partnership will offer small businesses working with Eastside Co. an individualised shopping experience with our integrated fit technology; helping to increase conversion rates and reduce returns.

By Alexandra Wood, Channel Manager, Rakuten Fits Me

Alexandra has over 10 years of experience working within the eCommerce industry. She has built strategic partnerships for a range of companies including small start-ups and large corporates. Her understanding of the value that companies can bring to each other enables proactive partnerships and drives a strong ecosystem for Rakuten Fits Me. With knowledge of online payments, mobile technology and eCommerce, she is passionate about bringing solutions to online retailers that enable them to provide a better service to their customers, improve conversion rates and lead their brand in future eCommerce technology.