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Designer Profile – Maven Watches

Modern lifestyle with a touch of nature at its core

I want to promote traditional craftsmanship to the new generation.

Where did the inspiration behind the watches come from?

We are inspired by our homeland of Hong Kong where urban and natural landscapes coexists in harmony. The collections embody the modern city lifestyle with a touch of nature at its core. We create timepieces that are aesthetic, durable and fit for everyday use. Most importantly, we believe our timeless collection not only tells time but also walks through time.

Tell us about your two debut collections

The Enduring is based around the genuine marble stone dial with each watch defined by a unique birthmark. Each watch captures the simplistic and mystical appeal of the stone.

The Artisan holds the essence of nature within its modern construction. With natural color tones, it is easy to mix and match with the fashion pieces in your wardrobe.


Why did you choose to use marble in your designs?

The veins of marble vary and each pattern is spectacular. Just like the venations of leaves, rings of wood and swirls of water, marble veins evolve through time and life. Hence we are intrigued by this story and power of nature and wish to include this natural creation as the quintessence of our design. The delicate streaks also mirror our minimalist ideology.


What drove you to start your own business?

Like all young entrepreneurs, I dreamed of making my own brand and gathering a team of young individuals and designers to add creative insight. Now, I can design, select components, and set prices all by myself!


What made you take the crowdfunding route?

We knew it would help bring this product to market faster than we would be able to without the support of our backers and I’m so pleased to say we surpassed our goal, reaching 117%, in the first 24 hours. We choose Indiegogo for the campaign because it allowed us to communicate with our customers and make our backers part of the development process.


What makes Maven different from the rest?

Not everyone can purchase a watch with high-quality components at an affordable price. The minutiae of the craft is what matters, I want people to experience the wonderful details that go into the watches. I want to promote traditional craftsmanship to the new generation.


What’s next for Maven?

I am planning on extending our watch making experience to different designers around the world. So you can expect a possible crossover or collaborative project in the near future.