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Caprice footwear launches biggest solar-powered factory in Pakistan

The managing directors and ambassador of German footwear brand Caprice have put the largest Pakistani solar facility into operation.

Based in the capital city of Lahore, the plant will see  over 1.2 million pairs of Caprice shoes produced annually using solar energy.

The factory has installed 3,000 solar panels for approximately €1,000,00 on a nearby 12,000 square metre property. The photovoltaic system will supply the factory with one megawatt of electricity.

At the solemn inauguration, which was shown live on a LED video wall in the Caprice shoe factory in Pirmasens in Germany, MD Jürgen Cölsch commented: “This facility is going to be part of a sustainable and innovative work environment, in addition to our striving for efficiency and effectiveness and our search for better footwear solutions, we must also take the environment and the people into consideration.”