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Abundant Opulence

First impressions, like impeccable style, last a lifetime.

The Picadilly Canada 2018 collection takes casual and dress wear to elegant heights with contemporary prints, soft fabrics and statement pants. A sense of opulence is key this season, with exaggerated fuses and finishes achieving high end looks, while retaining a comfortable stretch and shape.

A special collection of transitional-season pieces, Denim Days, blends minimalist design with abstract patterns worthy of the greatest art galleries. Sheer fabrics provide elegant coverage, offering a complimentary contrast to bold denim pieces.

Nonchalant lighter garments include satin looks, embroidery and lace overlays, while mid to heavy-weight pieces are crafted from luxurious velvet, faux suede and knitted pointe. Cuts continue to flatter and make those who wear them exude confidence with block-out waist panels, hip skimming princess cuts and longer length shirts.

Picadilly designs for the modern woman, whether she favours a conservative approach or enjoys a sense of adventure with her wardrobe.

About Picadilly Canada

Picadilly Canada proudly operates from Toronto, Ontario. This is a place where landscapes and streets are a mix of glaziers and grunge, the people are empowered, and the fashion is locally created and internationally admired.

The Picadilly design team curates the highest quality fabrics, sources intricate embellishments, challenges construct and innovates by creating their own rules.